Thursday, April 23, 2009

How I Eye Wintessed Harry Shortway Force a Minor Child Into An Illegal Drug Confession

When I was in my twenties, Harry Shortway had hauled me into the West Milford Police Station for a bad check I was not aware I wrote a few weeks prior. Some time had passed since that initial meeting with Shortway in his detective bureau.

I was waiting to speak with him in his back office in West Milford when he came in bragging to me he was going to force a minor child sitting in the jail cell downstairs into a drug confession.

Shortway told me he picked up this minor for what he claimed as, ’selling LSD.”

Harry confided to me that although he tested the material the child had in his cigarrette pack for LSD chemically and all police tests showed “negative” for this minor child possessing any types of drugs, Harry told me he would go downstairs and lie to the minor child telling him the chemical test was positive to get a confession out of him .

Harry Shortway wanted a new “drug collar.” He forced this unfortunate minor child into a full drug confession using these illgal methods and bragged to me while I was there witnessing it.

Now over one decade later I often wonder if this child had managed to expunge his prior record etc..

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