Thursday, April 23, 2009

And Who Is Afraid of the Big Bad...(?)

It is time the Hague Court (ICC) came to its senses, facing reality.

Moreover, if all these internet rantings about Darko, Mladic, Karadzic and their associates being as genocidally ruthless as worldwide press at the Hague claims, don’t you think that I, little Miss Jill Louise Starr would have been frightened out of her mind against publishing her book for free on the internet about it before the world (?)

Wouldn’t I, Jill Starr, be afraid of “the radical party in Serbia retaliating against me for writing even a word of my book” (?)

According to all the Hague’s press coverage on this issue, I Jill Starr, a person possessing alleged information about Mladic and Karadzic should have been shot and murdered by some non-existant sensationalized Serbian hitman long ago right (?) Something doesn’t add up here, it is obvious (!)

I don’t fear any hitman and/or retaliation from Mr. Mladic, I fear rather former West Milford detective, Harry Shortway and his family will hire a hitman blaming my death falsely on Mladic and Darko (who by the way always said he’d protect me).

It is interesting when I feared for my life most from the West Milford detectives, I called Darko in Serbia who told me he and his former Yugoslav government would keep an eye on me on their satellite and protect me from Harry Shortway. (See Harry Shortway Photo Here)

Times are tough when I, Jill Starr, as United States citizen needs to seek out police protection, from American political corruption and the physical police abuse committed against me here, from Serbian and Montenegrin government officials.

Who told me via e-mail years back by the way that I could seek asylum/refuge in their country if I was that scared, paritcularly in Montengro. One Montenegrin government official even e-mailed me he and/or his friend had a summer house where I could safely stay for a while if need arose. I’d only have to have to bring with me a little money for food they said.

Isn’t this a noble diplomatic genture on the part of the Serbian and Montengrin governments to protect a lowly American student such as myself (?) Yes it is. Especially, as I still sit here in my room alone having my human rights stepped all over by American lawmakers right here in New Jersey and New York.

Someone foreign minister from the official Montnegro governmental website emailed me they’d even help me get a place and be safe in their country. The Montnegro Prime Minister’s cabinet member e-mailed me such years ago this.

Also, my Serbian friends in Canada offered me their homes to be safe from the West Milford detectives in both Serbia and Montenegro.

What Chief Detective Hanson in Greenwood Lake Police Department in New York Has to Do With Harry Shortway

What Chief Detective Hanson in Greenwood Lake Police Department in New York Has to Do With Harry Shortway

After Detective Harry Shortway set me up to be killed, I called Detective Hanson in charge of the Greenwood Lake police department to report the incident. I told him in detail what happened with me and Shortway and he merely replied to me on a pay phone at the Hewitt deli:

“Jill leave Shortway alone, family comes first, take it from me, forget about it!”

How I Eye Wintessed Harry Shortway Force a Minor Child Into An Illegal Drug Confession

When I was in my twenties, Harry Shortway had hauled me into the West Milford Police Station for a bad check I was not aware I wrote a few weeks prior. Some time had passed since that initial meeting with Shortway in his detective bureau.

I was waiting to speak with him in his back office in West Milford when he came in bragging to me he was going to force a minor child sitting in the jail cell downstairs into a drug confession.

Shortway told me he picked up this minor for what he claimed as, ’selling LSD.”

Harry confided to me that although he tested the material the child had in his cigarrette pack for LSD chemically and all police tests showed “negative” for this minor child possessing any types of drugs, Harry told me he would go downstairs and lie to the minor child telling him the chemical test was positive to get a confession out of him .

Harry Shortway wanted a new “drug collar.” He forced this unfortunate minor child into a full drug confession using these illgal methods and bragged to me while I was there witnessing it.

Now over one decade later I often wonder if this child had managed to expunge his prior record etc..